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I love music but I need to get better at recording.....

2007-07-25 21:05:10 by bozziusmaximus

You know sometimes I think I try to hard. I have been playing guitar for almost 7 years now and know that it is the only thing that keeps me sane. I want others to feel this same feeling. I moved on to bass guitar; and I can even play drums alittle. Now I'm learning to program drum machines and synthesiers.

The next goal is recording. I bought a tascam portastudio mk2. The one with 2 inputs. It's analog but I think that is the route I need to hit up first. Then if I enjoy it enough I will move to digital. The current problem i'm facing with analog is that when I record my master copies everything goes up about half a step in pitch. Any suggestions? Is it because I'm making master copies onto cassette? Does dubbing speed have to do with this? If you are reading this and you can give some tips plz let me know.
While your at it you can go listen to my band's song Osiris; either here or on Anyways that's all I have to say today.
Been on newgrounds for years but never signed up til now.
Take care.
The Peckerneck Extravaganza


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